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​​​DECEMBER 2018

Fall State Championships in Estero, FL on December 15-16th. 

So proud of these ladies, overall we had a great meet at the State Championships!!

Level 2:
Liv - Balance Beam Champion, 3rd on Floor and the All-Around
Tessa S. - 3rd on Vault
Milena - Vault and Bar Champion, 3rd on Balance Beam, 2nd All-Around
Riley - Balance Beam Champion, 2nd on Floor, 3rd All-Around
Cloe - Vault Champion
Hena - 3rd on Vault
Allie - Balance Beam Champion
Bridgette - 3rd on Vault
Anna - 2nd on both Balance Beam and Floor

Level 3:
Ryleigh - Vault Champion
Abigail Y. - 2nd on Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, and the All-Around
Kara - 3rd on Vault

Level XCEL Silver:
Tessa W. - Vault, Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, and All-Around Champion
Hailey - 3rd on Bars, and 2nd on Floor
Natalie - 2nd on Vault

April 2018
Our gymnastics teams had a great showing at the AAU State Championships held in Daytona Beach in April.  The theme of the competition was Super Girls, and they made Venice proud!  Many of the girls scored personal bests on individual events, as well as overall.  We had 7 individual event State Champions, 1 All-Around State Champion, 6 second places, and 9 third place finishers.  We had more girls place in the top 3 All-Around than in any year prior!
Below are some of the standouts in their divisions:
Level 2:
Kara - State Champion on Balance Beam and Floor Exercise, placed 3rd on Vault, and 2nd All-Around
Haley - placed 3rd on Bars
Ryleigh - placed 2nd on Bars

​Level 3:
Natalie - State Champion on Vault and Balance Beam, placed 3rd All-Around
Tessa - State Champion on Floor Exercise
Chloe - placed 3rd on Vault and Balance Beam, and 2nd All-Around
Viviana - placed 3rd on Vault and 3rd All-Around
Abigail - placed 2nd on Floor Exercise
​Abigail, Chloe, Natalie, Viviana

Level XCEL Silver:
Asiah - State Champion on Vault, Balance Beam, and All-Around!
                                                  (she's the small one in the middle)​

May 2017

The AAU State Championships were held at the Tampa Convention Center on May 6-7th, and the girls did an amazing job!  All of our competitors did a great job and most had individual personal bests. 
We had FIVE individual event State Champions, FOUR second places, and TWELVE third place finishers: 
Chailynn - Level 2 - Vault Champion, 3rd place Floor and All-Around
Natalie - Level 2 - Balance Beam Champion & 3rd place Vault
Emma - Level 2 - Vault Champion
Jorja - Level 2 - 2nd place Vault & 3rd place Bars
Paige - Level 3 - 3rd place Bars
Asiah - Level 3 - 3rd place Bars
Macy - Level 3 - 3rd place Vault
Maddie - XCEL Silver - Bars Champion & 3rd place Vault
Kamryn - XCEL Silver - Bar Champion & 3rd place Balance Beam
Lola - XCEL Silver - 2nd place Bars & 3rd place Balance Beam
Eleonora - XCEL Silver - 2nd place Floor
Lilliana - XCEL Silver - 2nd place Balance Beam
Hailie - XCEL Silver - 3rd place Bars & Floor

Other Notables:

Abigail – Level 2 – 6th All-Around
Viviana – Level 2 – 6th All-Around
Elliette – Level 3 – 4th Vault
Jozlynn – Level 3 – 4th Balance Beam
Lily F. – Level 3 – 4th Balance Beam
Claire – Level 3 – 5th Vault
Savannah – Level 3 – 5th Bars
Olivia – XCEL Silver – 5th Bars & Balance Beam

Several girls earned their Elite pin, a prestigious honor for scoring 90% or better in the All-Around during the season:  Natalie, Tessa, Maddie, Lola, Kamryn, and Lily K.

We are so proud of the hard work and dedication these young ladies put forth each week in practice.  They represented the Venice area well with class as well as with their accomplishments.

​​March 2017

***What a great meet at the 3rd AAU Qualifier held in Estero, FL on March 25-26th.  Level 2 gymnasts Tessa, Natalie, and Abigail won 1st All-Around in their divisions! Tessa also placed first on Bars and Floor, while Natalie placed 1st on Balance Beam.  Level 3 gymnast Lily F. won Vault, and XCEL Silver gymnasts Olivia won Uneven Bars and Hailie won Vault.  All of our young ladies keep improving, and are working to make the State Championships in May a great competition!

Other gymnast notables:

Level 2: Isabel placed 3rd on Bars, Natalie placed 3rd on Vault and 2nd on Bars, and Tessa placed 3rd on Vault

Level 3: Asiah placed 2nd on Floor and 3rd on Bars, and Paige placed 3rd on Bars.  

XCEL Silver: Lola placed 2nd on Vault, Maddie placed 3rd on Bars, and Lily K. placed 2nd on Vault, Bars, and the All-Around

***Congratulations to our Level 2, Level 3, and XCEL Silver gymnasts! They competed at the Second AAU Qualifier here in Venice on March 4th.  Level 2 gymnasts Isabel, Natalie, Chailynn, and Tessa all placed 1st on Vault.  Chailynn also placed 1st on Floor exercise.  Isabel and Chailynn placed 1st in the All Around as well!!  Almost all of our Level 3 girls received personal best all around scores.  XCEL Silver gymnats Maddie and Kamryn won Uneven bars, Olivia won Balance beam and Floor exercise, and Lola won Vault and the All-Around!  Everyone gave a fantastic effort, and GTFL is so proud of all our team gymnasts!